White Supremacy is more prevalent in 2021 than we care to image

Written by on 17/01/2021

As always, let’s kick it off with the definitions. 

White Supremacy: the belief that white people constitute a superior race and should therefore dominate society, typically to the exclusion or detriment of other racial and ethnic groups, in particular black or Jewish people.

White Privilege: the set of social and economic advantages that white people have by virtue of their race in a culture characterised by racial inequality

Based on the definition White Supremacy is closer to home than we are all made to think.Understandably so, it took the events of 2020 for some to understand what White Privilege actually meant, and the internal terrorist attack on the Capitol in 2021 to cement the advantage White people have when it comes to owning their freedom. However following this attack people are looking closely at the definition and soon realising that one can, and probably has,  displayed traits of White Supremacy that we have often shielded as privilege, micro-aggressions and all manner of other names to soften the blow to the oppressor. 

Well, you know us at The Black Card Talks, we like to #Callitout, and we do so at every given opportunity. So let’s take it back to the definition and flesh this out. The reason White Supremacy has always seemed so far away from the average White person, those that have racist relatives but allegedly aren’t racist themselves, is that most White people do not recognise / identify with their own Whiteness. This is a privilege. All other peoples are grouped into homogeneous groups and expected to either speak on behalf of them or are considered different when they do not fall into the categories the world often groups different Races into. Think of it this way, as a Black person have you ever been told you don’t sound Black, expected to listen to a certain type of music, assumed to be the fastest in your class, or that your parents didn’t attend university? Now do we have the same groupings and or expectations for White people as a whole? The answer is No and the reason is that White people are the default, the norm and the ultimate – I.E. supreme. Therefore if we do not talk like them we are not educated, if we do not dress like them we are not wealthy and if we do not enjoy what they enjoy we are barbaric. This is White Supremacy. 

Therefore if there are customs from your race or peoples that are considered not synonymous with the workplace, education system or social settings the expectation that those are forgone for those the White Man has deemed acceptable is White Supremacy. When White people can speak in their colloquial at work but Black people can’t without being demonised for being gang members, this is White Supremacy. When Black women are expected to tame their hair for the office or school to fit in or be considered presentable, this is White Supremacy. It is much more than the KKK, fascists and rednecks wanting to wipe out other races, you can sympathise with the ideals if you suppress cultures that are not inherently rooted in what White majorities deem to be acceptable. This is because you are executing a behaviour that is excluding others and in some instances causing those to demonise their customs for the sake of White acceptance. This is White Supremacy. 

You may have missed the show last week, if you did you can catch it back on MixCloud and we would of course, highly recommend it – 10/10. If you did here were the main takeaway points that we feel everyone needs to know. 

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