What Happened to “Being Kind”?

Written by on 24/12/2020

Welcome to The Final Ball Blog! This is where we’ll have weekly a weekly detailed insight into the last week of sport for those of you who just couldn’t live by only listening to us for an hour a week!

And as this terrible year comes to its depressing end, there are few who can take so many positives from it in the way that Lewis Hamilton has. The accolades, records and personal achievements that he can look back on puts him in the select few that will look back to this year and be reminded of so many joyful memories. Anybody that was capable of doing that has to be commended for their mental strength and ability to persist at the highest standard.

And more examples of the ugly theme that this year has carried continue to reveal themselves, in the form of the recent abuse that Alphonso Davies & his girlfriend Jordyn Huitema. Two extremely young superstars, who were already fortunate enough to be at the top of their game, received abuse for simply existing as an interracial couple on holiday in Ibiza. What happened to “being kind” on social media? People going on about how much of a cruel place the internet can be but continue to contribute to it. In 2020, racism is still present to the extent that we don’t even deserved to be loved? And those that love us should have to suffer as a result of it? How can people find the audacity to not only think like this, but decide to implement those feelings on public domains? The majority are clearly at least attempting to at least speak about the problem, why do the minority continue to go against the grain? Out loud for everyone to see. If you don’t like something, keep it moving. Nobody cares for your opinion.

As the vile treatment of the Uyghurs continues in China, finally another footballer has taken action in the form of Antoine Griezmann. Cutting ties with Huawei is a big statement and could have an impact on his & Barcelona’s image in China for the foreseeable future. Despite all this, you don’t see Koeman dropping him indefinitely (Well, they don’t have a lot of options)? This just amplifies the appalling treatment of Mesut Ozil at Arsenal football club. For Arsenal to prioritise their image in China over their greatest asset (and a human being) lets you know everything that you need to know about how badly that club is run. Even Barcelona, who currently don’t even have a president have deemed their own problems too important to worry about their players highlighting important issues. It seems everyone that runs both clubs have taken bumps to the head.

Well at least the players will finally get the thorough care that they deserve, with the concussions substitute finally brought into Premier League Football. This has felt way overdue, seeing squads of yesteryear suffering from dementia and other mental health issues after spending 20+ years smashing their heads together and carrying on with a bit of tissue wrapped around an open head wound. It seems crazy that the two most physical sports in Rugby & American Football giving head injuries the significant analysis and put in place the necessary procedures that even they should feel was 20 years too late. This shouldn’t have taken people year after year, victim after victim, for the powers that be to think “This needs to be addressed immediately”. The greatest wonder is really happens from 9-5 Monday to Friday in the FA offices.


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