Trust the Process

Written by on 18/03/2021

Trust the Process – what does this mean?

As a poet I spend quite a bit of my time breaking down mental barriers, whether it be doubt or literal writers block. At first these mental barriers were 100 feet tall and 50 metres wide, and unable to overcome them, I’d go months (years at one point) using all these different tools attempting to get through the barriers. After a while, all I had left was excuses as to why I couldn’t overcome.

Truth is, at this point in my life I can say Thank You God, not to sound cliché but over time He showed me that everything I needed he had already instilled in me, and everything else will arrive at the right time. He showed me and today constantly reminds me to Trust The Process, or should I say Trust His Process. 

We constantly say how good God is, but we don’t live it. Constantly we say He is the Alpha and the Omega, “The Lord determines our steps”, He himself tells us that the plans he has for us are for good. Yet when it comes down to it we allow doubt and every other negative feeling under the sun to take the place of potential greatness that you’ve got.

So where am I going with this? Trust God, trust the process and trust yourself. Unfamiliar places tend to be the most uncomfortable, but they also tend to provide the most growth. If you’re a writer and you hit a block, that’s alright. Don’t be frustrated, instead trust the process and understand that in that moment perhaps you just need to be still and observe, so when you finally push through that blockage you can use the momentum and keep going.

— Kenneth Oyenusi

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