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Written by on 06/09/2021

The rap game UK is a reality television series, inspired by the American version ‘Rap game”, it’s currently on its third season.

It Is hosted by two iconic UK rappers Krept, Konan, along with DJ Target. It introduces 6 upcoming rappers from various locations, promoting diversity. It Includes rappers from, Scotland, Manchester, Hackney, Croydon, and many more. It’s a competition based show, and the winner of the Rap game UK this year (season 3) will be the first artist to be awarded twenty thousand pounds, as of a a deal with the label “Play Dirty”.

The Rap game is made up of different challenges, to test the rappers ability for instance, a-cappella, writing to a beat, cyphers, battles, producing, freestyles, storytelling and more. Krept and Konan use their credibility, and fan base as form of advertising, for instance they own a restaurant “crepes and cones” They use this as technique of advertising, by printing posters and banners of the logo, and placing them In their restaurant expanding the recognition.

They also use their social media as way of promoting the show, like Instagram, snapchat and twitter. This helps significantly because of there large following. The challenges also help promote the show because it includes celebrity’s such as Russ millions, Hardy Caprio, Jammer, Dizzy Rascal, and many more to come. This creates a buzz and draws more people in create a bigger and diverse audience. 

(Ep, 3) a new artist joins the competition and there are two fresh challenges to test the six artists further. The theme is faith and focus. DJ Target, Krept and Konan challenge the artists to write 32 bars about something they believe in, before performing with a gospel choir in front of Ghetts. The artists must then write bars through the night in preparation for a performance in front of grime legend Dizzee Rascal. It’s a race against time as the artists attempt to prove they can show focus and determination to be ready to perform at short notice. 

This episode (4) is all about versatility and vision. Krept, Konan and DJ Target surprise the artists with a three-beat flow test where they must prove they can ride and catch three different types of beats in front of special guest mentor Darkoo. Will they rise to the challenge? 

The next challenge sees the six artists split into two groups as they create and shoot a video for a summer anthem. They have a budget to work with, and to help them work on their visual brand Ivorian Doll is on hand to give advice. Renowned video directors Gabriella Kingsley and Kirx Diaz work with the artists on the shoot. Time is limited as each artist strives to make a visual impact against the clock. Who will pop and who will flop? WSTRN are on hand to give feedback on the finished video.

The five remaining artists face two fresh challenges. First, each must write a track about determination and winning, with the best track being chosen by a sportsperson to inspire their team. With the final approaching, it’s an opportunity for the rappers to show Krept, Konan and DJ Target that they have the hunger and desire to win that £20k music prize. They also perform their tracks in front of Big Zuu and Premier league footballer Michail Antonio. 

Challenge two sees the artists write diss tracks about each other, to be performed in front of Chip


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