The Black Card Talks: Know Your Past, Shape Our Future

Written by on 13/10/2020

It’s BLACK HISTORY MONTH, and we don’t know about you but for the first time EVER it feels like Black people are not the only ones talking about it! A lot has happened this year. Following the Murders of Ahmaud Aubery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, we have seen an awakening to the oh so true reality of the fragility of black life all over the world. 

We have said it before, You, Me, Them are Us! And We (big W society) need to get to the point where we realise that by uplifting, empowering and bettering, those who have been downtrodden, we can still all win. But how do we do this? 

Well, We at The Black Card Talks feel the first thing we all need to do is KNOW YOUR PAST. This means knowing your history, but not only how it affects you and your peoples and communities, but how that same history affects others also. To those in minority groups this is their reality, this is how they learn to navigate the world, without privilege. By knowing your past and looking further than the history told by the victor but also the stories of the potential victims you are better placed to navigate a collective present. To be the majority is a privileged position, it is the ability to only know the version of history that simply has whitewashed the accomplishments, truth and identity of so many minority groups in the past. When we all take ownership of knowing our own history, we can truly build from there. 

How many times do we see conversations derailed based on the misunderstanding of a concept? #DefundThePolice #AllLivesMatter #HasBritainChanged #PoliceBrutality. The reason this happens is that at the root, fundamentally those who disagree with social movements often do not understand them. The lack of willingness and openness to understand is the problem, and one we need to ALL address. We (big W, society) should live by the notion that we will continue to learn until we die. This means all language, rhetoric, views, opinions and beliefs should be heard rather than assumed. Through a shared understanding we can progress the conversation of change synonymously! 

The next step on The Black Card Talks journey is using this knowledge to CHANGE OUR FUTURE. Now we know that knowledge doesn’t necessarily mean that we will have the same vision for change, however what it does do is provide a basis of understanding with regards to why different people want change and what they see as important. 

Think back to that light bulb moment when the switch turned on and you stopped assuming something about something, a person, or peoples. What caused you to change to occur? I bet it was a meaningful interaction. What do I mean by this? I mean that the situation either had an emotional, financial or physical effect on you. It felt revolutionary right? And guess what, that knowledge was probably already available to you, but you ignored it, didn’t want to hear it or didn’t find it valuable for you to invest time into? Am I right? I think I am. 

This is the level of understanding that breeds change, when it really sinks in. When we really deep it. From here perspective is clear, biases are checked, privilege is acknowledged and change WILL come. 

We spend too much of our time being surprised by what our mind has allowed us to believe rather than searching for truth. Imagine spending the energy we expend dismissing things considering them? 

We all need to take ownership of knowing our past, once we do this, we can shape, fashion and build our futures together – that is what Black History Month means to The Black Card Talks. That is why everyone needs to take part in understanding different people’s history because We (big W, society) can use this information to better our tomorrow. 

Will you join the call? Be open to learning something new about history this month, change a perception you had, teach someone something this month. But most importantly use this knowledge to ensure that the people after you don’t get lost in the false version of history that is perception, but are empowered by knowledge and truth. From a common understanding of our identities we WILL rise together.



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