The Black Card Talks: Could this be #ANewAmerica?

Written by on 09/11/2020

Wow. Wow. Wow. I can honestly tell you I never expected it. Did you?

Our reflections from this years election are:

  1.  Tyranny always loses in the end: Joe Biden received more votes that any other Presidential candidate in history. That is more than Obama, more than Kennedy more than 45 Presidents before him! In a critical election where America decided it wanted to heal from 4 years of Hate under Trump people turned up, showed out and demanded the change they feel they deserved.
  2. Postal votes aid democracy: Often we make it seem like people are undemocratic, unpatriotic and apathetic to politics, but this election shows otherwise. We have waited days to see who the winner would be because there were simply more postal votes than volunteers could count in the original allotted time. This means that democracy can work, and potentially is still working. Perhaps all we need is to make the systems for people as effective and efficient as that in modern day for the people to tell us what they really think? Is it time for us to revisit the idea of the electronic vote?

  3. Who are you voting for?: Remember when it was seen as simple minded, raw and undignified to talk about politics at the dinner table? When proudly stating who you are voting for was frowned upon? GONE ARE THE DAYS! And we at The Black Card Talks are here for it! It is only through conversations we break down ideas, misconceptions and begin to rethink the truths we hold so dear. With an outcry of public support for red or the blue we are able to adopt the popular phrase “by their fruits you will know them”. But we have taken this further in 2020, I don’t just know what you stand for I want to ask you why? I want to debate with you. I want to change your mind, and while I do that you may well change mine. Gone are the days where only politicians can rally for their party in debate form while we simply pin placards to our lawn. Now we debate!
  4. Social Media Influencers work: We talk about the power of social media but often limit it to the eco-chamber narrative (the idea that you are exposed to the same views on social media as your own because you follow people like you or that you like). This election has proven otherwise. But the main reason for this are celebrities. Our favorite actors, musicians, sports personnel, presenters, comedians have taken to social media in support of their candidate, Biden, and in Kanye West’s view, Kanye. This has burst the eco-chamber. Because now it’s not my friends who have the same view as me that I am watching it is my idols that have a differing one. People have been internally wrestling with what it means to be a Trump supporter and have clearly switched sides.
  5. 2020 Vision: We have so much more to say on this but the main thing is “don’t sleep on the year that woke you up”. The effect of this global pandemic on the world is for the first time in a long time people truly believe we are in this together. We have a new tolerance for difference, a new acceptance for peoples and a new ability to reflect honestly and change our outlook. And long may it remain!

So can we expect A New America? Well firstly it will take time, there is a lot of work to do. But from hope with Obama, to hate with Trump to healing with Biden we have seen how turbulent the heart of man is. People want change, get sick of hearing about it and how long it is taking and then want individual prosperity. But when all is said and done morals creep back in, we soon see the damage we are doing to those around us. This story can be said for everything in history. The war is never won with in first battle. So if we want change we have to keep at it, we cannot stop now.

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