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Written by on 31/03/2021

Imagine… No seriously, imagine!

Imagine hugging a dear friend who hasn’t washed in a week.  A loving thought is suddenly paused by an unpleasant comma, right?  Now imagine that dear friend was in fact your partner who never takes a shower except for once on Sundays. You may be thinking, “What in the stinky mediaeval madness is that?”

Unfortunately, a caring wife tells us of this dilemma in her marriage.  Her husband’s neglect of basic personal hygiene has costed them so many intimate moments together.  Her respect for and attraction to him also suffer considerably.  Suddenly, something this man possibly believes to be as trivial as using soap and water (including a toothbrush and toothpaste, in his case) has cascaded into a dying marriage!

If it is important to your spouse then it is crucial to your marriage and indeed your own life.  On the “Talk N’ Vibe” show on the 28th of March, Kemz and Queen Mercillina tackled this catch 22 issue with their undisguised opinions.

The most helpful one, in case you missed the show, was to COMMUNICATE!

Yehp! Good old chit-chat.

“How do you go about discussing such a sensitive topic with someone so dear?”, you may wonder.  Simple!  Apply the knowledge you have of your partner – especially regarding what they respond best to.

You could start by ventilating the effects of your partner’s actions to highlight their significance.  Your loving partner should feel compelled to not only listen, but do something about it because the issue affects you and your emotions. Feel free to express your thoughts even if you’re worried you may come across as a little dramatic. Keep their feelings in mind, though. You don’t want to ruin their confidence.  This way, you’re more likely to see change than you are by pointing out their actions (or inactions) alone.

Communication is definitely more useful than wishful thinking.  “Fingers crossed, he will bathe today”, gets old after the first few filthy days!

Good luck.

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