Hosted by Ola Aweo / Norealle / DJ Active

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Sunday 2:00 pm 3:00 pm

Why is the topic of race and race relations so uncomfortable? What are the issues and potential solutions? Is there even an issue and why are we still talking about it? Does fear have a colour? It's time we reclaim the narrative and open it up for real, honest, and meaningful conversation. This show will provide a platform for these conversations with people across the spectrum from "opposition" to "ally" so we can propel the narrative forward. Expect challenges, weekly special guests and end to end entertainment. In my opinion - we have an unhealthy culture in the UK that calling out racism is more offensive than racism itself. For too long conversations have been limited to the households of those who are often accused of playing the race card - but what's yours? Join the conversation, listen in, or come on air. Let's talk about race.

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