DJ Ryan Amor & Zerita

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Wednesday 9:00 pm 11:00 pm

As you board and get settled, you'll experience dynamic Soulful and Afro house before we take off into the Amapiano air space where we highlight some of South Africa's finest. 

We will then blaze through the fusion zone one where musical styles combine together creating something brand new. Prepare yourself for some turbulence where music gets amped up and you can really let loose, unfasten your seatbelt, get out of your seats and dance! Taz ensures an opportunity to vibe & learn about the history behind the artists and the songs they have created, the Bermuda Triangle is where music meets with knowledge! We'll introduce you to the talented individuals who contribute to making the music scene what it is today.

Oh and we got your Duty Three covered, we'll be spotlighting emerging talent, fresh finds and Value Added Tracks from all over the world leading into our decent where you can unwind, relax and regroup until next week.

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