Shaken to the Core

Written by on 05/02/2021

Welcome to The Final Ball Blog! This is where we’ll have weekly a weekly detailed insight into the last week of sport for those of you who just couldn’t live by only listening to us for an hour a week!

And we start on a sour note, the villainous case of Chad Wheeler. When the pictures of his wife being violently assaulted has shaken us all to our cores, and for him to be the main suspect, gives us flashbacks all the way back to the plantation. We don’t know what transpired between them but especially considering that they’re a married couple, there’s no excuse for anyone to end up in this state. In this climate, it is a great worry to imagine what she will have had to go through in these times of isolation and social distancing. She would have seen less people on a daily basis, further moulding the “I’m okay” mask that too many women seem to wear in abusive relationships. And when you hear that when police attempted to detain him tasers had no effect, it gives you an idea of what she was up against. Even those that are paid to protect us struggled to deal with (you wish that they had the same approach to our people). We just hope that his “not guilty” plea doesn’t act as a deterrent and results in justice and peace for his wife.

And sticking with the criminal theme, there’s a real disappointment in the recent lack of conviction against the racial abuser of Ian Wright. We’ve gotten to the point in life where physical evidence can be negated by the simple notion of “remorse” from the perpetrator. The judge said that he “didn’t see anything to be gained from a criminal conviction”, white privilege at it’s finest. The kid pleaded guilty, and suddenly everything is okay? This was the opportunity to make a mark, a significant moment in the history of fight against racism. If anything, it has now just fuelled the recent abuse against a multitude of players, including our child poverty crusader, Marcus Rashford. We’re now getting abuse for everything that we do, good or bad. Which is why the threat of fines for social media companies for failure to deal with these problems might be the game-changer that we need. We know the UK will do anything to make some money in whatever way possible and it might be the wake-up call that actually causes social media to change the way they police their platforms.

And it turns out that Muslim women are being kept and abused in concentration camps in Uighurs over in China. So, what does this mean now? How does the world go about dealing with this issue? China falls on the list of the few countries that everyone tends to mind their business when they undergo questionable things. Even up until now, Mesut Ozil was ostracized from his home and job for being the one person that spoke out about this, to the point that he’s now had to move club in order to find happiness again. You would think in this climate of “being kind”, that the approach would have changed somewhat, but I guess China isn’t a place that anybody wants to fight with.

But we have to finish on a positive note, so let’s highlight the great achievements of Tegan Vincent-Cooke, as a Para-dressage rider. Her passion and joy inspire many as she has made such a presence on Tik Tok and an impact on the equestrian world. Her desire to show that the sport isn’t just for rich white people is what has led to her 300,000+ followers watching her every move and she leads the conquest for a well lived life despite her condition. Even the fact that she recently came out on YouTube as Bisexual furthers her empowerment of those that are deemed in society as different. The media may see her as the ultimate diversity tick box but what she represents more than anything else is the ultimate inspiration for the next generation.

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