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Written by on 15/03/2021

We caught up with UK-Ghanaian dancer turned artist King Kay who has released his debut single titled ‘Chop My Money’. The song has recently been championed by DJ Target at 1Xtra, plus lots of community support.

Here’s what he had to say to our questions…

  1. Would you consider going back into dancing?

When God blesses you with a talent, he multiplies it. You have to make use of the talent he has given you. When it comes to dancing, I still dance, but this time I dance more to my own songs. Some of my songs have that kick that makes you dance. If my friends release a song and they ask me to do a freestyle dance to it, I go do am!

  1. Why did you decide that now is the time to venture into becoming an artist?

When you start dancing, you dance to the rhythm. You pick up on those little things and then you start dancing. From when I know what makes dancers want to move, it’s made me realise that I too can do this music thing. I’ve been doing music for a while and now I feel it’s time to push my own music out there more. With the experience I’ve gained dancing for the likes of Sarkodie, Davido, Tekno it’s made me understand and appreciate music more.

  1. You say you’re a ‘laid back’ person. Would you say becoming an artist has changed your ‘laid back’ mentality?

It has because now I’m more invested into music. People need to know and understand who I am and the vibe I’m bringing. The laid-back side of me will still be around, but music is making me come out more. Dancing, don’t get me wrong did, but me being an artist is making me understand and recognise what I’m doing. When I’m doing music, it makes me want to ginger the crowd, and make them feel me even more.

  1. Let’s talk about your debut single ‘Chop My Money’. Congrats on getting it aired on 1Xtra. How did the song come about?

I was creating a vibe and the words “Chop My Money” came to me. I was thinking about the scenery and feeling I wanted to give to my fans and those who will listen to this track. I met up with my producer, we spent about 3 hours creating the beat from scratch and then I laid my vocals to the beat. We were both amazed by the work we created. I then called my manager and told him “this beat is fire! This is the track I want to release”, and the rest is history now.

  1. I’ve seen you have taken the song to Tik Tok and Instagram, which has caused quite the buzz. How has that made you feel?

To be honest, seeing people dance to a song you have created is amazing. It makes me feel like I’m inspiring people, spreading joy and happiness.

  1. Are there any plans to release a music video once lockdown has been relaxed?

There are plans to work and release a music video. We are putting things in place to make sure people feel the vibe naturally and love the song before a video is released.

  1. What three words best describe King Kay?

K.O.V – King of Vibes!

  1. What 5 things can you not live without?

God, my son, music, my phone, family

  1. What does the future hold for King Kay?

Get ready for more music, get ready for something different!

Be sure you check out King Kay’s debut single ‘Chop My Money’. Its available on all digital streaming platforms

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