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Written by on 26/04/2021

In the Western world, to a certain extent we can exercise free speech. While some may raise arguments against that point, we must note that in certain parts of the world, your speech can cost you your life. The question then arises, if we live in a society that affords us a voice, then why are many people silent? In this blog we touch briefly on young people, social justice, and the church.

As young people who are the ones who tend to push for change the hardest, it’s now our turn to shape the world into what we want to see. This means we must call out the unacceptable, and unite to make changes. We have seen examples of this with movements like the George Floyd and BLM protests with the social media uproar, and the Derrick Chauvin Trial reaching a guilty verdict; and other movements like #EndSARS.

This highlights the need for unity, and to be vocal towards issues we want to see changed. Now there is a difference between being silent and being silenced. Change doesn’t come easily, in our personal lives, in organisations, and it’s not going to come easily in our society. But we must do our bit. Unfortunately, in a social media age where everyone films problems instead of solving them, we have a lot of serious incidences that occur, which could be prevented if more people were to speak up. Until this fact changes, as a community our growth will be stifled.

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Now, let’s look at the Christian church. From some of our experience, people don’t want to get involved in politics, and we don’t see as many Christian voices at the forefront of important movements. The Church should be a place that speaks out against injustice, and for the vulnerable, just as its cornerstone Jesus did. We are meant to set the standard for how a good life is lived and be a force that provides refuge and a voice for issues that are raised.

On our side of the world, however, we seem to be scared to use our voices. We are rapidly seeing the Biblical foundation of the country being attacked and stripped from the system, in schools, work, and the public eye. Both in America and the UK, there are many instances where those who choose to speak about Jesus on live TV are cut off, because being a Christian is acceptable until you try and leave the box that it has been put in. The truth is that as we progress, this world is going to become more and more aggressive and persecute the body of Christ, and we are already seeing that across the board, whether it is physically, or systematically.

The point of this blog is to speak to the person who is comfortable at home and doesn’t feel the effects of the shifts in our society. We must do better! Young people, don’t let anyone look down on you because of your age, and don’t be silent. Speak up, or you may find yourself in a position where you are easily silenced. For the Christians, we need to understand that all we are doing is telling people the good news of our faith, and it does more good than bad, so don’t be ashamed of your faith.

Overall, whether you want to advocate for change in your community or country, or you realise that the body of Christ is losing voice in society, don’t stay quiet! We all need boldness to speak on what matters, and as people say, if you see evil and don’t call it out, you are party to it.

Let that light shine. Stay blessed T4 family.


— Tayo Adeleye

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