Rochelle Vs Candice Vs “The Industry”

Written by on 16/02/2021

Ola Aweo tweeted “The same way White people storming the capitol with 5 casualties provided unquestionable evidence to the existence of White Privilege, is the same way Candice Braithwaite being snubbed for a role she has spent her life advocating for substantiates the notion that Colourism is real” and of course we completely agree.

Now before we are considered to be a Dark Skinned set of women trivialising the experiences of the Mixed Raced Rochelle Humes let us make it clear this is not what we are here for. From the beginning we have said that the blame lies with the production company. We also will not be using this blog to go through the facts of the case, you can listen to our latest broadcast or catch what @OlaAweo had to say on @FrobeatsPodcast for this; we are here to talk about the systemic issues that resulted in the world finally being able to actualise what Colourism is. 

Colourism “prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group”. Now this definition says typically among people of the same ethnic group, however we must understand that it is not only exhibited within the culture. The reality of colourism is that it dates back to lighter shaded people in the slave masters house and darker skinned people outside in the fields, therefore whilst it exists within the community the affiliation with lighter being righter simply did not start there! 

The fact of the matter is that the production company chose someone more palatable to the Great British eye to tell a story that was not wholly theirs to tell. The reasons given were because of Rochelle Humes following and the want for the story to be an investigative journey, therefore they needed someone not too close to the story to speak on it. Arguments have surfaced saying that we should be happy with our story being told. But with all due respect I do not want the fact that Black people are 4 times more likely to die during childbirth to be told half heartedly (genuinely – no pun intended). It is not enough that the story is being told, the person telling it is just as important as the story being told, especially when it is as sensitive as this. 

By investigating a fact that we have been relaying to the British public for years we are giving a pass to people who have chosen to dismiss such information and the NHS who have come up with no actions related to this since the review was taken. Investigation is not enough. You need a voice that has been advocating for this for years to enquire and ask all the questions, enter the snubbed Candice Brathwaite. 

In an industry where in the same week we saw Michaela Coel cheated for a golden globe we must ask that that they do better and the ignorant advocates of such practises simply begin to draw the dots. 

Finally I will ask you this, if there was a documentary on the fact that “White people are more likely to X would there be a Mixed Raced or Black presenter? Would this create the illusion of an investigative documentary or result in multiple complaints? Let us know what you this, personally I think OFCOM would have quite a hard week. So to the presenters let Peoples own their own stories, please. It benefits everyone, not just you, your pocket and viewer numbers.


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