Rashford for PM

Written by on 28/10/2020

Welcome to The Final Ball Blog! This is where we’ll have weekly a weekly detailed insight into the last week of sport for those of you who just couldn’t live by only listening to us for an hour a week!

And there’s only one place to begin. Marcus Rashford. MBE. He’s truly had the week of all weeks. Taken down all of his opps. Taken the knock-backs with a maturity beyond his years. Did his job in Newcastle. Then again in Paris. Then returns to England immediately in his endless ambition to minimize child poverty. MP’s might as well retire, no point paying someone if someone is going to do their job right? We might as well revamp the government’s worldwide. Let’s have LeBron or Serena in the Whitehouse. Odion Ighalo to run Nigeria. Lewis Hamilton to takeover affairs for the UN. Why not? Maybe we can tap into the common sense and empathy that is severely lacking from those in power. So, let’s do it, Rashford for PM.

Talking of changes, one thing that does seem to carry a real threat of change that we haven’t asked for is the current setup of football. One week it’s the premier league, now it’s a whole Champions League setup in the form of the proposed European Premier League. What’s wrong with what we have now? Everything just feels forced in an attempt to make more money. This narrative is boring, we’re already fed up of the government prioritising their wallets.

Next up, congratulations to Khabib. Retiring undefeated is a feat that few fighters (Rio Ferdinand comes to mind) can boast. And there is something to admire in bowing out while you’re at the top. Giving us all sorts of “The Xabi Alonso Wave” vibes. Eliminate the inevitability of being brought back down to earth. Take that moment of joy and hold onto to it as long as possible. The way the world has been this year, moments of happiness are few and far between.

A quick mention to someone that has had a number of happy moments this year despite everything, Lewis Hamilton. Another week, another record. Still waiting for that GOAT recognition among the masses.

And finally, the 0-0 is back in the premier league. And it’s starting to feel like it may come with a vengeance. West Brom & Burnley set the standard (what makes it worse is that people paid £15 to watch it), and since then, teams seem intent to follow their example. Why did people have to point out the alarming amount of goals scored so far this season? Why put a curse on what was bringing joy to everyone? This reminds of the week of summer that the UK gets every year, closely followed by 3000 gallons of rain. Stop defending please, we don’t enjoy it.

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