Pressure = Diamonds

Written by on 11/10/2021

Is Winning Objective?

Or can we all just acknowledge that…

Experiencing loss can definitely impact one’s performance and affect their ability to follow through with goals that they previously aimed to accomplish.

Dealing with death is never easy. It causes different reactions in every individual and because of that, how it is dealt with varies, and moments occur when eventually, coping mechanisms kick in and allow for behaviours that might not serve us well in the end.

Taking accountability is something that is considered an act of bravery and her admittance could have possibly sparked attention and placed a spotlight on mental health. Soon after Richardson discussed the state of her mental health it might have inspired other talented athletes to begin prioritising their own mental health too, like Simone Biles for example, maybe Naomi Osaka. The protection of black minds should be thought of on par with utmost importance and nothing less than. Considering mental health as secondary is what eventually leads to the loss of loved ones.

Sha’Carri is humble in regard to her position and assures audiences that this will not be the last you’ve heard from her. She is a competitor and winner at heart, and I don’t doubt that she will be beyond successful, especially once she makes a comeback. She exudes raw passion and dedication and people as such would never allow any circumstance to withhold them from achieving.

Chastising and and hateful comments never assist in improving one’s mental health, as beings it makes more sense to uplift, rather than tear down. Not any one of us are without flaws, therefore it makes no sense to pass judgment and use words to harm rather than heal, to tear down rather than build up. If there is nothing helpful to be said, recall that choosing violence never yielded positive repercussions.

Personally, seeing loss as failure and choosing to accept that, is what leads to a cease of effort and determination. I think that being a winner is all in the mind. You could come 9th and call that a loss or you could believe you’ve won. Being able to participate and compete in such a prestigious event that has been occurring since 1896, is an accomplishment of great magnitude in itself.

Spots on the Olympic team are reserved, only for those who are undoubtedly tenacious and willing to put their bodies through harsh training that possibly impacts them physically and mentally, and this goes to show that it isn’t for the light-hearted, giver-upper mentalities.

In reference to the famous words of Usain Bolt, “I trained 4 years to run 9 seconds-and people give up when they don’t see results in two months”. So, to Sha’Carri, press on queen, let those who can’t, hate. Ignore the pressure from those criticising on their couches (I would like to know the last time all of them ran 100m in 11.14 seconds), but either way, as a result of the pressure, the by-product could only be diamonds.

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