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The Oxford dictionary defines perspective as a particular attitude towards something; a way of thinking about something.

Your perspective of things will always influence your actions and your behaviour patterns.. Your brain holds so much power and it’s up to you as to how, and for who, you use it for.Do we recognise that our thought life will manifest into our real life? The way we see things is an attitude which comes from our hearts. For something to become an attitude it has been mediated on. So what I’m trying to say here is that what we think about a lot (meditate on) will become our attitude and our perspective of things.

Let’s take happiness and joy as an example. Majority think they are both the same thing. However, happiness is an emotion and joy is a perspective. In the bible, James 1:2 tell us to count it all joy. Through every trial and tribulation we go through believers of Christ  have that perspective of joy even if they’re not happy. Happiness changes based on your circumstances but joy remains the same because of who He is. This indicates to us that the mindset we carry in this life is essential. It can make or break you. You could have so many good things happening in your life but because of a wrong mindset you carry you will never be able to fully embrace and learn from your circumstances.It’s easier said than done but, having a good perspective and an optimistic view of life comes from what we allow into our hearts. God tells us to guard our hearts for out of it are the issues of life. If you allow negative things into your mind (what you watch and listen to) it’s going into your heart, and will ultimately become your attitude.

I wanna give a personal example. A couple of years ago I used to listen to a lot of Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Beyonce and Megan Thee Stallion. As you can tell these big names really had influence on the whole of society especially young girls like me. I listened to so much of their music that it started to become my perspective and my reality of life. I would have a point of view that all men are trash and that I don’t need a man in this life. What I was listening to everyday had an effect on my heart. But, now I have changed my music taste, stopped listening to certain lyrics and allowed the lyrics of God to fill my mind. This goes for who you allow to speak into your life as well.

There is life and death that lies in the power of the tongue. Therefore if you want to have an optimistic perspective of life and, a forward thinking viewpoint; let go of the people that are pessimistic, let go of the friends that are always trying to bring up your past mistakes, let go of the songs that are speaking negatively into your life.

Once you know what you don’t want to be influencing your mind, you will know what to allow into your heart.


Sandra Maduoma 

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