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Written by on 14/01/2021


That’s it, that’s the blog post.

Ok no, you really have to know about him.

Having made music for roughly 18 years, Kiiymm proves he is well seasoned in the music game and leaves no room for doubt as he blesses his listeners with captivating, clear, and charismatic lyrics. From his first Spotify release in 2019, ‘Clyde’, an afro swing gem, to his most recent release, ‘Definition’, a soulful, RnB hit, Kiiymm shows us that growth is always on the table as he switches up his style and the entire vibe of his music from his second Spotify release ‘Don Draper’.

Don Draper is the song that got us wanting to hear more from Kiiymm. So, we did a little search, discovered more of his music and we had an interesting chat with him, here’s what he had to say to our questions…

How do you think people feel when they listen to your music? 

think they’d feel reflective, smooth, or even confident – for me anyway. My job is to provoke some type of emotion, sometimes it can be what I feel in the moment, and sometimes it’s just vibes.

Who are your musical inspirations? 

Sir, Common, Kano, Ghetts, Brandy, Kendrick, Nas, Andre 3000, and Rick Ross. I like a mixture of feels. 

Do you write all your songs?

100% although I do not write, I just hit record and go with what the soul says.

How do you feel about showing people deeper parts of you through your music?

Well, I am a very private person but I guess when it comes to music, I do share my experiences and stay true to myself in hopes this could potentially help anyone in similar situations as I. 

Which colour would you associate Don Draper with? 

Royal Green

Hmm… why Royal Green? We would have said Maroon or a rich Brown or, think dark liquor…

Rich Brown! You really hit the needle on the head! However, I had this Royal Green silk shirt at the time that I had put on as I got ready to go to my boy’s birthday party. I’m a person that likes to have a theme song for almost everything I do and I remember I had no playlist for the drive or anything! So, I recorded Don Draper before I left my house so I could feel more gassed haha!

Would you say you’re a relationship kind of man or do you like to play around?

To be honest, I’ve never been the type to play around. I am cheeky but if we’re together, we’re together.

Tell us, do you have a project in the works or even more singles?

 I have more singles coming soon but I also have something special in the works! Once my list of singles is out, I’ll be announcing release dates.

We look forward to hearing more from him and watching his journey from here on out!

To check out Kiiymm’s Spotify, click here

Find him on Instagram here

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