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A fresh face on the scene, we have Jaela, who is marking her place in the UK Rap scene.

In her recently released debut EP ‘In the Mood’, she channels a self-assured, sweet & seductive blend of Trap and R&B. We were able to catch up with the rising star and get a better look at her journey and even what she orders when she gets a cheeky Nandos!

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What inspired you to begin making music? 

My family is very art-oriented, growing up I was around a lot of creatives and I was also involved at church, I loved singing and started making little songs and raps. Not everyone actually knew I could sing because I was so shy to just sing in front of people, so I decided to make a song so I could play it to people instead.
Who are your top 3 musical influences?
It’s hard to pinpoint my influences because there’s no one I’m heavily influenced by but growing up, I loved listening to so many different genres especially alternative pop & hip hop.
The likes of Kelis, Black Eyed Peas & Lil Wayne made their marks and put their foot in the door showing versatility which is something I can say I’m inspired by.
What’s the biggest fear you have that involves the future?
Looking back and wishing I did things differently. I can be a perfectionist at times which causes me to overthink things and that can sometimes hinder your growth in the long run.
In your music, you seem very confident, would you say this reflects you in your everyday life?
Very confident is an overstatement but it’s something I’m working towards, I’m more confident than I was before and music definitely has a part to play in that because it forced me to be more transparent which led to more confidence. For example, before the lockdown, I would go to networking events alone so I was forced to talk and meet other creatives.
Do you feel like making music has allowed you to come into a ‘different’ version of yourself? Be it better or worse
It’s made me understand myself a lot better and has shaped me to become more in touch with myself and others. Before, I was kind of in my own world, which I still am but I’m much more aware of life and feelings now.
Would you rather spend a week in the future or past? Why?
I would rather spend a week in the future. I feel like nothing happens by accident and everything you go through prepares you for the future. So I would love to see how things turn out
Bonus question: You go Nandos, what are you getting?
1/2 chicken – Lemon & Herb with Peri Tamer sauce and 2 Peri Peri fries with mash and corn. Yes, I know I can’t handle spicy food please don’t come for me. Now I’m craving Nandos…

Lemon & Herb with peri tamer? We need to try that combination!

Now you’ve had a closer look at Jaela’s journey and personality, be sure to check out her music!

You can find her on Spotify here and on Instagram, here.

Watch her Kitty Video here.



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