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Written by on 05/11/2020

“The Holy Bangers you didn’t know you needed to hear.”

We are back with our second instalment of Music Plug, where we show you great songs that you probably haven’t heard before. This time round we were joined by artist Davecreates, and had a great chat with him.

a creative who seamlessly moves between different fields

How did Davecreates come to be?

Davecreates found that having a diverse exposure to music growing up – from Hip Hop to Gospel and Christian Rock – has allowed him to look at music from a different lens, and lends itself to much of what we have heard from him so far. Having released songs like ‘Surf’, ‘Gotham’ and ‘Work Rate’, and featuring with the likes of R-Jay and Sharyn, you can see how his sound draws his listeners in. “I like to create music anybody can vibe to” but the songs have a message that is rooted in his faith in Jesus.


We were able to learn about his origins four years ago, where he chose his artist name in a bid to help people understand his multifaceted nature. The 24 year old wants his audience to see him as a creative who seamlessly moves between different fields. “I don’t want people to see me as just a rapper, I want to be able to let all of my work do the talking” referring to the fact that he has various art forms at his disposal.


The three artists he used to describe himself are: Hawk House (His favourite Christian Hip Hop group), Xaviar Omar, and Saba, which is in line with his soulful, chilled approach to his music. 

“Hawk house are my favourite Christian Hip hop group, because they have chilled music that is good enough to play for anyone, with a message that makes you think – I like their use of parables. “

“Saba, especially in “Care for me” has great instrumentation, and a great melancholic sound which is emotive and real, and has great instrumentation.” Overall, Davecreates wants to make Christian music that is able to sit in a mainstream space.



…Daily I’ve been tryna get my paper straight…


What’s the new single about?

Paper chase is his latest release which looks into the duality of money. Although he currently works in the music industry, he is aiming to be a full time artist, and ponders as to how long he must be a part of the ‘rat race’ in order to do what he truly wants in the future. Enduring the feeling of being in the hamster wheel of life, he urges listeners to let go of the notion of putting security in money, as only God can give you the security you truly desire. Davecreates uses an introspective hiphop/trap beat, and his distinctive cadence to deliver this message in the form of this head bobber, “Paper Chase”.

You can find @iamdavecreates on all the major platforms, so go and stream this single! You can also find this song in our Spotify, Soundcloud and Youtube playlists as well. You’re welcome, and tune in for our next instalment of Music Plug.

~ Tayo Adeleye


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