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We are AAAZT, the first radio show in the UK to celebrate Arabic music and Arab artists.

All Arabic All Za Time has been a dream of mine for a while and a part of me still can’t believe we’re here! We is myself (Deana), my brother (Heiro) and our lovely producer (Aasiyah).

Music is such a significant part of Arab culture and at the core of my childhood. Growing up in London my parents worried we wouldn’t connect to our Arab side so music was their way of making sure my brother and I appreciated our roots. They soon realised they had nothing to worry about; We loved visiting Egypt every summer and made our parents buy us all the latest albums and mixes! We would spend our time at home listening to: Amr Diab, Elissa, Tamer Hosny and Hussain Al Jassmi to name a few. The obsession only grew and I still remember when my dad bought the internet into the house (I’m talking dial up), all we did was watch Arabic music videos!

Fast forward and nothing has changed, apart from our age! We still love Arabic music and now we’re on a mission to show you how cool Arabs are and our brilliant contributions to music around the world. We play: pop, hiphop, classics, rap and trap, YES you read that right. Trap. Every Arab speaking country has their own: sound, identity and style all of which we want to celebrate. Even if you’re not Arab we can guarantee to get you out of your seat. I mean I’m obsessed with ALBANIAN DRILL and I have no clue what they’re saying! It’s all about the vibes.

And since you’re already here we would like to take this chance to bust some myths so you can appreciate the hits:

  • Arab refers to a culture and Arabic is a language.
  • No Arab doesn’t mean muslim, they are two separate things. In fact many Arabs are Christian! NOT THAT RELIGION IS AN ISSUE.
  • Yes, Arabs can be Black.
  • Not all Arabs speak the same dialect.
  • Yes we do like dancing with swords.
  • No we don’t live in Pyramids and go to school on camels…

If you’re intrigued you can listen to us live every Monday from 12-2pm (GMT) on Tribe Urban Radio, you won’t regret it! Or if you can’t wait until then you can check out what we are about at @aaaztradioshow on twitter and instagram.

See you on Monday habibi!

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