Love Island South Africa plagued with controversy

Written by on 18/03/2021

South Africans were initially excited and anticipating the experience of an authentic African perspective on the popular reality dating Love Island franchise, which is currently being filmed in South Africa.The show has famously garnered a dedicated social media community who often live tweet their reactions to the show, so it was only natural for people to take to their socials to broadcast their frustrations at the lack of diversity with the new cast; causing a social media storm with many folks from eMzansi, the UK and USA being equally outraged at the use of a predominantly white cast in the South African version of the contest.

South Africa which is famously known as the ‘rainbow nation’, a term coined by Archbishop Desmond Tutu to describe the post-Apartheid country; has left many of the international viewers reeling in confusion as the current cast doesn’t seem to embody how people believe a post apartheid South Africa should be represented, this almost seems like being in the twilight zone. 

After the social media blowback, the production company announced that they are adding new members to the cast who are ‘diverse’ , a seemingly quick scramble at damage control. The Twitter-verse has referred to this tactic  as using ‘the emergency blacks’ or simply ‘filling the quota’.

This was a disappointing scenario for the international Love island community to witness, however; can we truly be shocked that a country with a majority black population living in poverty and the minority white own most of the wealth can recreate the same imbalance of their society on a mere television production.

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