Judging the ‘Blackanese’ book cover

Written by on 09/12/2020

For our show Talk n Vibe, we had a guest who was way more energy than I could imagine. I was certainly guilty of judging the book by it’s cover because when I read the profile of our guest Mak-keda, who seemed like a reserved, focussed and hard-working young woman, I was met with someone who was totally confident, expressive and exuding a whole load of positive vibes.

Throughout her interview, I was engaged and amazed at the same time. Then something she said peaked my interest, she mentioned being of Japanese and Jamaican heritage. Like an idiot, I just thought “I wonder how Japanese-infused Jerk chicken would taste?” and then I wanted to know more of how her heritage influenced her growth and then she told us about the challenges of being a light-skinned girl amongst her other friends. She spoke about her previous insecurities around her complexion and the effects it had on her, which did not fill her with confidence.

I took 2 things away from the conversation;

No matter our background, childhood or upbringing, we must transform adversity, pain and challenges to transition into our true being. Nobody likes to suffer (and I am not referring to BDSM) but without going through the refinery, you will never find the jewel that’s within you.

Our behaviour, actions and words have an impact on the people around us, no matter what our intentions. Your words and actions leave an impression about you, in fact so do your silence and inaction. We have to be mindful of what we do and say because you don’t know how it affects others. Like the day I met a former work colleague and looked at the bulging belly thinking she was pregnant, I congratulated only for her to say she wasn’t pregnant. It was a long awkward silence and she didn’t bother saying good bye. I don’t blame her. The person I was 15 years ago certainly was not self-aware and did not read the room.

That said, I do hope we are all able to take something away from whatever situation we find ourselves. Take an effort to enrich yourself through the eyes and words of others.

Have a blessed day.

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