I’m ‘Back Home’ because the music feels that way

Written by on 16/10/2020

If you are what I would like to call an ‘R&B head’ or ‘Student of R&B’ then you would obviously know about Tremaine Aldon Neverson who is better known as Trey Songz, who I consider as one of the most talented and gifted voices that we have in R&B. He has been around for so long and consistently produced that we tend to forget that he is only 35 years of age, which is hard to tell because like the saying goes: “Like fine wine he just gets better with age”. Born and raised in Petersburg, Virginia; the “Say Ahh” singer first realised his amazing vocal ability at just the tender age of 14 and began singing with the motivation of his family and friends whilst he was in high school. Shortly after, Trey’s step-father introduced him to Record Producer Troy Taylor with whom he had attended high school with, which ultimately led to Trey Songz signing a recording deal with Atlantic Records in 2003.

We fast forward to the year 2020 in which Trey Songz has been nominated for three Grammy Awards in the years: 2009, 2010 and 2013. The categories in which he was nominated were: Best Male R&B Vocal Performance, Best Contemporary R&B Album and Best R&B.

Since he dropped his debut studio album in 2005 titled ‘I Gotta Make It’ he has released 7 more studio albums including his latest body of work and before we get into it I must say.. Wow Trey Songz really wanted to spoil us, as he returns with a 22 track project titled ’Back Home’. Released on 9th October Via Atlantic Trey Revealed via twitter “Back Home. My 8th studio album. Executive Produced by big bro @troytaylorttu and myself,”.

It’s very exciting to see Trey Songz return with such a strong body of work, this album was a pleasure to listen to. It’s easy to fear that in this day and age when we move on and lose focus so quickly, that a 22-song album could bore us, however Mr Songz did not come to disappoint. This album was captivating.

When speaking on the Album Trey says that it’s “the kind of R&B that inspired me to sing. The songs that make you love, the ones that make you cry and the ones that make you smile, laugh and dance.” This album does exactly that, giving us our fair share of slow jams, party bangers and even touches on recent political issues, this album is for every moment and is very reminiscent of his 2010 album Passion, Pain & Pleasure.  He states, “Music is the soundtrack that plays while we live our lives, and I wanna be there for my fans while they are living through this truly special time that we’ll never forget,” he said. “I say I’m ‘Back Home’ because the music feels that way. I hope you feel the same.”

His first single from the project is the album titled release ‘Back Home’ ft Summer Walker, which chorus takes from ‘If it isn’t love’ by New edition. This song is Classic Treys Songs questioning ‘If it isn’t love, why I keep coming back?’ He shares his emotions and pens a love letter throughout this album. Songs such as “Two ways’ detail the breaking point of a relationship.


It was very exciting to see him venture into the Afro beats territory whilst pairing with Davido on  ‘Sleepless nights’ we’ve seen many Americans catching on to this genre and it’s easy to say that its becoming “a new trend” across the pond, which can really be hit and miss when attempted. In this track however both artists stay very authentic to their genre which works well to create an absolute vibe which is super catchy.

In ‘2020 Riots: How Many Times’ Trey shines a light on police brutality, institutional racism and the injustices that have been witnessed amongst many black Americans this year. This track in particular is in response to the killing of George Floyd which was witnessed across the world after the video of his death by police officers went viral.  When speaking about this track, Songz stated “we came up with ‘2020 Riots: How Many Times.’ With the words in this song I just wanted to speak to everyone’s hearts and acknowledge the pain and anguish everyone is going through right now. I know this ain’t usually my message and you’re not used to hearing this from me, but this is the person I’ve always been.”


All in all Trey Songz really has delivered in this Project, it is one to be proud of Trigga Trey, Well Done!!

Written by Amani & Shikayla Kay



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