If Sir Ian Wright can’t get the courts to convict his racial abuser what hope is there for the wider Black Community?

Written by on 11/06/2021

You may have not have heard about the ongoing racial abuse Sir Ian Wright has been a victim of on social media. You may even be aware of the case of an 18 year old man abusing him online via his PSN account. Well this case went to trail and guess what… it was thrown out. The judge let the racist abuser go out of fear that a conviction like this would “ruin his life chances”.

Well, our thoughts on this are quite clear. Ruin them. The media have referred to Patrick O’Brien as a boy, he is not, he is a man, who knew exactly what he was doing and who he was doing it to. Ruin his life chances! Ian Wright commented after the conviction that if this is what happens to Black celebrities, no precedent is set, no deterrent is created and judges refuse to create a culture of there being consequences for people’s actions, what does this mean for the rest of the Black community who do not have the status and privileges as Sir Ian wright?!

It seems to us that racism via social media and in the media is extremely downplayed. In an interview with Alan Shearer, Alan responded to Ian showing him the racial abuse he faced by saying that “they will never say that to your face” explaining that social media fuels racism. We strongly disagree! Social media is the vehicle for the thoughts, feelings and racist behaviours that exist in the people of Britain to showcase their true ills. We therefore should be doing everything we can to stop racism, creating precedent, convicting racist men, not simply attempting to cripple the vehicle. The whole system is the problem, social media just compounds it.

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