Hustle Culture, and Self-Care

Written by on 08/05/2021

The hustle-and-grind culture might be prevalent, but it is not profitable.

In this generation grinding and hustling is seen to be the only way to live a good life. It is seen as the way forward. God’s word reminds us that working sincerely, and keeping confidence in mind will contribute to the wonderful things He has in store for us. The positive thing is that you have control of your workload and work-life balance. Except for you, no one else has any say in

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the matter. As the term suggests, hustle culture is the social pressure to work harder, quicker, and better in all aspects of our lives. Colossians 3 vs 23 says ‘Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters’. 

Having said that, working too hard with the absence of rest is an issue. The problem is that hustle culture is not as glamorous as it’s shown to be. It is hazardous to both people, and the workplace as a whole. It may seem to be a positive thing on paper, but one has to be cautious with this way of living.  Our bodies are devoted to the glory of God as instruments of service to Him, not for our own wishes (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). Anything that is abusive and contrary to the wellbeing of our bodies is wrong. Overwork weakens and injures our bodies and minds. Therefore, from a practical perspective, overworking is not good.

In my opinion I think over working is not okay for your self-care journey as you do not give yourself enough time to look after your mental health. Hard work is important, and as they say, those who don’t work won’t eat, but even God Himself rested. God cares about your health, and so should you.

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