D’angelo Verzuz and Friends

Written by on 21/03/2021

On the 17th of February, Verzuz tv announced ‘D’angelo and friends’ Verzuz which left viewers wondering who the “and friends” were. As usual, there were various promos surrounding D’angelo’s Verzuz, including his legendary ‘showtime at the Apollo’ performance in 1995 and in true nostalgic fashion, he was set to perform there again on the 27th of February. The 27th came by so quickly and Mal and I yet again were ready to lose another night of sleep due to these Verzuzs(damn these Pacific timings). To make matters worse, D’angelo arrived fashionably late (emphasise on the fashion) in what we could only describe as a “chinchilla coat”.

Tensions became high in the comments section during the live show; one read “Maybe he was getting his hair braided” a joke pertaining to D’angelo’s iconic 90s braids. All in all, D’angelo put on a show! Performing his biggest hits such as ‘Brown Sugar’ and ‘Lady’, and to answer the question of “and friends?” Wutang’s Redman and Method man graced the stage to perform a feature song ‘Left and Right’; and H.E.R came through to perform her song “best part” with D’angelo singing Daniel Cesar’s verse. All in all, this was a Verzuz to remember, though we would have loved to see Raphael Sadiq make a last minute surprise entrance to close the show off with their famed song ‘Be here’.

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Written by Cee.

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