Just a dose of encouragement for someone this week. We are halfway through the year, and around this time,  we tend to get caught up in the flow of the year. We find that a lot of the plans we made get thrown out of the window, and this can be for a number of

Sometimes you just have to take a step back. I understand we all want to be somewhere and we all have ourselves fixated on our destination but sometimes step out of yourself and view your life from a birds eye view. Remember that you have come a long way from where you was in the

The hustle-and-grind culture might be prevalent, but it is not profitable. In this generation grinding and hustling is seen to be the only way to live a good life. It is seen as the way forward. God’s word reminds us that working sincerely, and keeping confidence in mind will contribute to the wonderful things He

Hey there Tribe! It’s Producer Aasiyah from AAAZT, back for another article. This time, we’re gonna press pause on the music (shock, horror – but not for long, I promise!), and focus on our spiritual side. That’s because, Tribe, it’s Ramadan. We’re now a week in, and I’m sure many of you already know what

The King James definition of a giver gives a donor; a bestower; a grantor; one who imparts or distributes. The Google definition of a giver is someone who gives something to another. Sponsor, subscriber, donor, contributor, provider. Giving is a biblical principle, people associate giving with mainly finances. So many rich people understand the principle

Easter means different things to different people. To those who celebrate it, it means fellowship. It means remembering the significance of Christ’s death on the cross and celebrating his resurrection. This is not going to be a piece highlighting the historical accuracy of the dates of this holiday, neither is it going to be a

Unconscious Biases are social stereotypes about certain groups of people that individuals form outside their own conscious awareness. Everyone holds unconscious beliefs about various social and identity groups, and these biases stem from one’s tendency to organise social worlds by categorising. Now irrespective of whether you think the training is useful, the science of it

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