Over the last 2 weeks we have seen 3 of Boris Johnson’s ministers either break the ministerial code or be found to have acted unlawfully in the line of duty. Are they not embarrassed? Here is the context.  Matt Hancock was found to have acted unlawfully when he offered the pandemic contracts to his neighbours

As always, let’s kick it off with the definitions.  White Supremacy: the belief that white people constitute a superior race and should therefore dominate society, typically to the exclusion or detriment of other racial and ethnic groups, in particular black or Jewish people. White Privilege: the set of social and economic advantages that white people

Taking the knee first originated with a group led by Martin Luther King Jr (MLK) where they took the knee in prayer before MLK was jailed at Selma. It then became widely associated with the civil rights movement as a symbol of peaceful protesting. Colin Kaepernick, an ex NFL player popularised the symbol when he

Jaja Soze was originally part of PDC which had a big influence on UK street culture. This was then reformed and turned into a music group and record label. Originally from Birmingham and a self-proclaimed ‘Brummie’ at heart. He came to Brixton around the age of 11/12 where music was a big part of the

Black Business Build Us. It’s Black History Month and if you don’t know we have been running a campaign entitled “Know Your Past, Shape Our Future”. On last week’s show we had the pleasure of hosting Khalia Ismain the founder of Jamii talking about the need for Black Business and the need for us to

On the 25th May 2020 George Floyd, an African American son, father of 5 children, grandfather to 2 children and community organiser was abhorrently murdered by 4 police officers, following an allegation of him passing a counterfeit $20 bill in a store. Due to the global pandemic, the world had no choice but to watch

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