Botswana: Africa’s Sleeping Giant

Written by on 16/02/2021

Little is known about the nation of Botswana. They are a small nation just outside of Zimbabwe and boarders South Africa and Zambia has a population of around 2.4 million. The country is underrated and just goes about its business and does it well. The capital City Gaberone is the central hub of all their revolution. 

The country gained its independence in 1965 from the British. At the time the country was one of if not the poorest countries in the world with only about 5km of tarred road and over 99% of the population was uneducated. However after they gained independence they held free and fair elections inn 1969 which were won by the BDP (Bechuanaland Democratic Party), with Seretse Khama becoming Prime Minister. H e went on to become instrumental in the development of Botswana. 

The country’s main export is Diamonds and beef. They work hand in hand with foreign investors however they control a majority of the of the shareholding and profits slips. This has helped the nation build all its infrastructure. The country built all its schools, hospitals and key services with money made from diamond trade. The government until recently was offering free education from Primary up until University but recently change that to free education up until Secondary. there is also heavy emphasis on keeping the traditions as there is a chieftainship system that works with the government but at local levels the chiefs still have a lot of control in the law makings and rulings. 

There is little in way of corruption as it one the highest ranking in the Africa of being the least corrupt landing the number 38 in the world for least corrupt. Botswana is what every country in Africa should strive to be. Have a politically stable country and a government that works for its citizens. 

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