Boris Johnson’s Governing Strategy: No Process, Just Vibes.

Written by on 09/01/2021

On Sunday morning Boris was on BBC News explaining that schools will remain open in areas that have not been listed as they are safe and education must continue. Whilst alluding to the idea that restrictions were going to get tougher. 

On Monday evening Boris addressed the nation to impart a National Lockdown telling schools to close on Tuesday. 

On Tuesday Afternoon Boris implored MPs to vote for a National Lockdown until the 15th February. 

On Wednesday he told the public the vaccine is our way out and we could be in a Lockdown until the end of March. 

Boris took to twitter to say “I want to say to everyone right across the United Kingdom that I know how tough this is, I know how frustrated you are, I know that you have had more than enough of government guidance about defeating this virus. But now more than ever, we must pull together.” 

Personally, I don’t think we have had enough of government guidance. We have simply  had enough of the government not providing the correct guidance! Boris’ inaction and inability to apologise to the British public is shameless. 

During his interview with Andrew Marr on BBC, Boris was asked again if he had read the scientific report Labour Leader Keir Starmer unearthed he was yet to read in September, he did not comment. In this report it talked about two things: 

  1. Community Transmission: 
    1. It said that it is likely schools will need to close to halt community transmission. 
  2. Variants 
    1. It warned that in the winter months a new variant could develop and this is why it is important that community transmission is stopped. 

From this report it is clear that Boris Johnson and his government have wilfully made a decision way too late. Some examples: 

  1. Christmas was “cancelled” on the 20th December, Tier 4 was enacted over a 6 day period across the country after people in Tier 3 areas were able to gather on Christmas day. This was too late and we can now clearly see that it contributed to today’s number due to community transmission.   
  2. Schools closed in part around the country for one day. Quite simply if there was a chance that schools would need to close the following day Boris should never have allowed them to go in.

This wilful disregard has meant more deaths, more people in hospitals, chaos for the NHS, brought back the need to #ClapforCarers and a National Lockdown. Boris Johnson has referred to the vaccine as our way out of this and put simply he is correct, because the irresponsible decision making of this Government is the reason we are here. Boris is back to using phrases like “we are in this together” despite the fact that we have not been able to see him accurately representing us. But what is clear is that it is left with us to not allow this new variant to get any further out of control. So please do stay at home! 

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