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Written by on 04/10/2020

Welcome to the Transition! We talk about all things Culture, Current Affairs, and Entertainment from a Kingdom perspective. Kingdom perspective you ask? Well yes, that’s because we are a Christian team! However, we aren’t like a lot Christians you may have met, and we aim to show you a different side to our faith, and you will soon find out how great it is! 

Black history month, to The T4 family it’s a celebration. A time when we look around and celebrate the role models that have laid a path for us to walk towards something great. In this time you can look through history and see the literal fight black people have faced from the past all the way to the present, where you now have successful figures doing incredibly well. We can also support those that are close to home i.e. family, friends, mentors etc. All these people we celebrate what you have done. You know it’s amazing sometimes we ask ourselves what is it to be black and it’s time for us to break away from this box. There is no criteria to define a black person, God has made us all different and it’s in our differences that we are made. Happy Black History Month!

P.S. black history should be celebrated every month.

Many people don’t know about all of the amazing Christian Music that is out there, especially in the UK. Here at the Transition, we plan to introduce our listeners to the uplifting bangers they didn’t know they needed. We have the genres you want, and the vibes you need to get through their week and everything life throws your way. If you thought that Kirk Franklin, Lecrae, and Hillsong was all the scene had to offer, we’re here for you! There is a growing scene in the UK, and we are privileged to be in the middle of it! You heard it here first, there are many great tracks coming your way. If you want to hear what we mean, go have a look at our Spotify playlists. We will be playing exclusive new tunes over the coming weeks, so make sure you tune in to our show. Look out for our Holy Bangers! That is all.

The Transition is all about community. The TT family welcomed us with enthusiasm, as we had our first meet up when we launched. We hosted a Sports Day at the end of summer, and everyone had a blast. Puff Puff Central ™  supplied us with a selection of amazing puff puff in a way we have never had it before! If you love puff puff, and have never had an Oreo filled one, you’re missing out. Go check them out on instagram @puffpuff_central. The Sports Day was extremely competitive, with our teams battling out in events from rounders to egg and spoon race. Just from that, we know we have to host another one. Winter Edition? Keep up to date with us to find out. We plan to have meet ups, competitions and much more in the future, so stay tuned. We’re all about good vibes here, but also building up our community. From accountants to creatives, we plan to grow TT and bring amazing people together, starting from the conversations we have on air. If you want to be a part of this movement, then make sure you are following on all our socials @theofficialtransition, and let us know and questions or topics you would like us to address.

Have a blessed day!
The Transition


~ Tayo Adeleye


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