BJ’s ministers are just out here breaking the law, when will they resign?

Written by on 24/02/2021

Over the last 2 weeks we have seen 3 of Boris Johnson’s ministers either break the ministerial code or be found to have acted unlawfully in the line of duty. Are they not embarrassed? Here is the context. 

Matt Hancock was found to have acted unlawfully when he offered the pandemic contracts to his neighbours and former donors to his campaign. He has since said he will not apologise for breaking the law as it saved lives, a statement that has been challenged by many. Yet there has been no call for his resignation. Croynism is evident, in NO 10, but guess what Boris backed him and therefore it.

Priti Patel was found to have broken the ministerial code when Sir Philip Rutnam, the former top civil servant at the Home Office, ran an inquiry that later found that she had bullied Whitehall staff. In spite of an independent investigator Sir Alex Allan advising that she had not met standard Boris decided to take no further action. Sir Alex later quit his role and accused the Home Secretary of launching a “vicious and orchestrated campaign” against him. Priti Patel offered an apology saying “I would like to thank the Prime Minister for his support.Therefore despite her shouting and swearing at officials and the resignation of a key investigator Boris backed her and attempted to reassure the public that the the Home Secretary is sorry for inadvertently upsetting those with whom she was working. 

Kemi Badenoch has been said to have broken the Ministerial code by a no 10 advisor in tweets she put out about a journalist.  Simon Woolley has called for Boris to intervene after a damning leaked letter from a No 10 advisor suggested she may have broken the ministerial code when she publicly criticised a journalist on social media. Samuel Kasumu, Boris’ race adviser, has also said he considered resigning over fears that the Conservatives  were pursuing a “politics steeped in division”. Badenoch has previously provoked controversy by saying it was illegal for schools to teach white privilege as an uncontested fact and guess what NO 10 has backed her too. 

We at The Black Card Talks have been highlighting these things for a while but when in the course of 2 weeks 3 ministers are all over the news for serving in their posts unlawfully or against precedent there is a problem! In any other government these ministers would have been fired. In any other government we would be asking serious questions about Boris’ ability to lead whilst those under him continue to lead their departments based on cronyism, tyranny and an ineptness for good governance. But here we are in 2021 with the same people who “led” us through 2020, continuing to show themselves for who they are, and it seems like we are powerless to stop them. What do you think?


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