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As a team, we’ve been looking at different elements of personal growth for the new year. On our previous show, we discussed boundaries, knowing yourself and knowing yourself in Christ, Changes, perspective. When it comes to growth and knowing yourself, these things are key to creating your safe space. The definition of a boundary is

Happy New Year!  We hope you’re all ready and set for 2021? On our last show, we discussed how we plan to set goals and attack the year to ensure we complete them. So, we ask, how do you set goals? Are you a long-term goal planner? Or maybe you like to focus on the

Sarah Téibo is a Soulful Gospel Artist (United Kingdom). Music has been a feature in her life since the age of ten but in 2015 she took the next step in her music career, becoming a recording artist with her debut single Steal My Joy, followed by her debut album Walk with me which received

People have been hurt by the church. In a variety of circumstances, there has been some form of mismanagement causing harm to individuals and groups in the very place one should search for healing. Such is the regularity of the problem it has even adopted a name – church hurt. Church hurt can be explained

Mental Health and Christianity isn’t something that you tend to hear in the same sentence, but we deal with mental health on a daily basis. Here at The Transition, we understand that Christian walk is not supposed to be segregated from everyday life; God doesn’t call Christians to be separate from everyone else but to

“The Holy Bangers you didn’t know you needed to hear.” We are back with our second instalment of Music Plug, where we show you great songs that you probably haven’t heard before. This time round we were joined by artist Davecreates, and had a great chat with him. …a creative who seamlessly moves between different

Welcome to Music Plug, where we put you on to some bangers you didn’t know you needed to hear!  This week we got to catch up briefly with the talented Solaariss, after the release of his Debut single “Up until Recently”. After being able to exclusively premiere his song on our show – which you

Welcome to the Transition! We talk about all things Culture, Current Affairs, and Entertainment from a Kingdom perspective. Kingdom perspective you ask? Well yes, that’s because we are a Christian team! However, we aren’t like a lot Christians you may have met, and we aim to show you a different side to our faith, and

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