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Arguably, most people are driven by potential. We see possibilities of the future and it can be so inspiring that we try to materialise those things immediately. As an entrepreneur or visionary, it can be hard to not get the results your dream about, and that’s because you see the end goal, and are eager

Happy New Week Family! At The Transition, we believe prayer is key and helps us with our daily walk and builds our relationship with God. This is a small prayer to encourage and uplift your week. Heavenly Father, we thank you for this week! I pray for a blessed week, for your protection, strength, wisdom

Just a dose of encouragement for someone this week. We are halfway through the year, and around this time,  we tend to get caught up in the flow of the year. We find that a lot of the plans we made get thrown out of the window, and this can be for a number of

The Oxford dictionary defines perspective as a particular attitude towards something; a way of thinking about something. Your perspective of things will always influence your actions and your behaviour patterns.. Your brain holds so much power and it’s up to you as to how, and for who, you use it for.Do we recognise that our

The hustle-and-grind culture might be prevalent, but it is not profitable. In this generation grinding and hustling is seen to be the only way to live a good life. It is seen as the way forward. God’s word reminds us that working sincerely, and keeping confidence in mind will contribute to the wonderful things He

In the Western world, to a certain extent we can exercise free speech. While some may raise arguments against that point, we must note that in certain parts of the world, your speech can cost you your life. The question then arises, if we live in a society that affords us a voice, then why

The King James definition of a giver gives a donor; a bestower; a grantor; one who imparts or distributes. The Google definition of a giver is someone who gives something to another. Sponsor, subscriber, donor, contributor, provider. Giving is a biblical principle, people associate giving with mainly finances. So many rich people understand the principle

Trust the Process – what does this mean? As a poet I spend quite a bit of my time breaking down mental barriers, whether it be doubt or literal writers block. At first these mental barriers were 100 feet tall and 50 metres wide, and unable to overcome them, I’d go months (years at one

We caught up with the tutoring service ‘Eliticate’ and had a great conversation with them about how they plan to help young BAME people achieve an excellent education. Here is the advice we were given: Public schools, what are they and why why do they exist? Surprisingly in the U.K., public school does not refer

Now that we’ve made it through January and February – which usually takes forever to pass, we can really start pursuing our goals. In this time of uncertainty, most people fit into one of these three categories: 1) They don’t want anything to do with God/ Aren’t living out the Christian life 2) They say

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