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For this segment of On The Radar, we caught up with South West London native, Jay Dako who is definitely cementing his name in the music scene after releasing his latest single ‘Third Eye’ on March 29th. Scroll down for the full feature. Where in the UK are you from & what is your nationality?

In The Lab: Women in Radio! Have you ever wondered who the first women to grace the radio airwaves were? Look no further as we have the answers right here! FIRST FEMALE RADIO DJ (UK) ANNIE AVRIL NIGHTINGALE Annie Nightingale is widely known as the first female presenter on BBC Radio 1 (1970). 50 years

In many countries, March is celebrated as International Women’s History Month, with the 8th the official International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day is a global day which commemorates the social, cultural, economic, and political accomplishments of women throughout history up to today.  There are so many amazing women out there doing great things and breaking

As we all know, the music industry is heavily male-saturated. Let’s take a look at producer numbers based on gender: According to results found in a 2018 study by Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, female producers accounted for just 2% of 300 songs released over the six years leading up to 2018 which is

A fresh face on the scene, we have Jaela, who is marking her place in the UK Rap scene. In her recently released debut EP ‘In the Mood’, she channels a self-assured, sweet & seductive blend of Trap and R&B. We were able to catch up with the rising star and get a better look

If you’re tuned in to the UK music rap scene, you’ve probably heard or seen the name ‘Sainté’ a few times recently, this will only increase. The musically gifted gem, from the small city of Leicester, is winning over many new fans after releasing his highly anticipated E.P, Local MVP, which followed the release of

KIIYMM. That’s it, that’s the blog post. – Ok no, you really have to know about him. Having made music for roughly 18 years, Kiiymm proves he is well seasoned in the music game and leaves no room for doubt as he blesses his listeners with captivating, clear, and charismatic lyrics. From his first Spotify

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