Allow us reintroduce ourselves: We are The Black Card Talks

Written by on 12/03/2021

Who are we?
The Black Card Talks is a social action initiative birthed out of the idea of asking why is it so uncomfortable to talk about race? By engaging with people on air and online, TBCT aims to break the stigma of talking about race and race relations.

From micro-aggressions to overt racism, we have an unhealthy culture in the UK that calling out racism is more offensive than racism itself. So for too long conversations have been limited to the households of those who are often accused of playing the race card. It’s time we reclaim the narrative and open it up for real, honest, and meaningful conversation. This platform provides a space for these conversations with people across the spectrum from “opposition” to “ally” so we can propel the narrative forward. Expect challenges, weekly special guests and end to end entertainment. The Black Card Talks aims to aid these conversations because history has shown that through restorative conversations a foundation of understanding can be built.

Why do we need this?
When mass atrocities have happened in the past we have seen measures put in place for restorative conversations to happen which breed transitional justice. For the first time we are seeing attempts of
reparations as the world begins to understand the neglected truth that slavery was not abolished in the 1800s, it evolved. What is becoming clear is that while conversations are difficult and generations late they are necessary. The murder of George Floyd has awoken the world to the cries of the oppressed. The argument “why should we do it now, it wasn’t within my generation that…” is becoming less and less acceptable because action is needed. But in order to do that we need to talk about it, we need to move from a world where people think racism is perceived and understand that it is a reality – implicit and explicit.

Where can you find us?
You can join the conversation now via Instagram
dtalks/ but most notably the black card talks has an online Radio home at Tribe Urban Radio. You can join Ola Aweo and special guests on Sundays 2pm – 3pm.

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