Radio Our Way

Our decision to become a sole online broadcaster stems back to the inception of the radio station in 2019 where the founders felt it revolutionary to shy away early from the conventional analogue way of broadcasting to focus more on what will soon become the norm (online broadcasting).

We now live in a generation that is driven by ‘the Internet of things’ which means that we as humans have this undying desire to always stay connected to all things…Be it news, gossip, entertainment, sport and many more. What this simply means is that we are now (more than ever) more connected to the world through our hand-held devices as they continue to play a major part in our day-to-day life.

Our aggressive growth has not been without its challenges as many seemed to not really understand the brand in its early months of operations, but as we have focused on having only the brightest presenters, DJ’s and radio producers who we feel represent the next generation of on-air personalities on our unique platform. We have evidently seen the transformation in the growing number of our listeners and overall engagement.

The continuous development of our presenters, DJ’s and radio producers has also forced us in the direction to invest heavily in creating a radio studio, which will rival only the best stations in the country. We invest not only for this reason but because we believe in the growth of all our on-air personalities and continue to reward those who stand out to ensure that their talents are being nourished to its very best abilities.

Our service shall be run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This means that our radio station, will have live shows from 9am until 11pm everyday which may include, some re-runs whilst our auto DJ runs from 11pm -9am daily.

The Journey So Far

Tribe Urban Radio started with a vision of merely just having access to the United Kingdoms’ listeners. To our surprise, based on our simple organic reach and some advertising on social media, we surpassed this vision and continue to surprisingly have consistent listeners from over 20 countries worldwide.

In our first year of business, we have had to learn a lot of things very quickly and because we are a platform that strictly looks out for new creatives, we have had to take our time with the recruitment of the right personalities for the diverse mixture of shows we have on our platform.

Whilst many may view our current results as a big achievement, we believe in excellence being a moving target as we aim to now look to achieve a yearly increase of around 25% – 40% increase in our listenership globally.

As we move into our second year of broadcasting, we realised that in order for us to get close to our set targets of listenership growth and engagement on social media, we are going to have to do some radical things which will become evident in due course so keep an eye out for these.

The TRIBE URBAN APP is Downloadable for free from either the Google Store (for android users) or the Apple App Store for (iOS users).

Staying Fresh & Creative

The core work of Tribe Urban Radio is creating unique shows that will be interesting and relevant to people connected to the African, Caribbean, Latino and Urban entertainment community.

What we don’t want is for Tribe Urban Radio to be viewed as just another music only playing station, so we will always need show and program owners to be creative and dynamic with their content.

We want to have shows that appeal to different age groups, sexes, beliefs, opinions and so forth, so our shows should ideally be a happy mix of music of various genres, chat shows, interviews, serious or light debates and discussions on topics or themes, one-off features, comedy/banter, heritage and culture, nostalgia, what’s on/events, groups and clubs, drama, comedy, and other such varieties.

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