3 Flaws in Shaun Bailey’s Plan for London 

Written by on 22/04/2021

Now you may have seen us discuss Shaun Bailey, some of the phrases we have used are “red herring” and “not all skin folk are kinfolk”. You might not believe us so here is what Sadiq Khan had to say about him at the London Mayoral debate last month. 

I’ve got to be honest – some of the things Shaun has said about Eid, about Diwali, about women, about girls, about multiculturalism, about those who receive benefits, I get deeply upset by. They’re not my values, they’re not London’s values and I hope Londoners reject those values on May 6.” – Sadiq Khan.  

Now what we aren’t going to do is tell you who to vote for, but we will make sure you know about the candidates and what they stand for. Shaun Bailey has called his campaign A Fresh Start for London. Here are his ideas: 

  • Open one youth centre per borough 

Now I don’t know about you but for someone that is a youth work background surely you would have considered whether this is plausible. The reality of youth violence in London means that in some areas young people cannot travel outside of their postcode. This means that putting 1 youth centre on a street in X borough will stop the majority of the borough being able to use it. So the question I have, is surely there is a better way to spend the youth budget that will benefit everyone? 

  • Put 8000 new police officers on the streets of London 

Over the last year stop and search in London is more used than it has been in the last 10 years (baring in mind we should all have been inside due to a global pandemic). Police officers collectively stopped 3 in 10 Black men between 16 – 24 in 2020 with a 20% success rate. Sadiq Khan’s review last year found that the Met police had thousands of Black men on a gang violence database that had no previous records or affiliation with violent crimes. Ethnic minorities make up more than a third of the young people in London. So with all of this in mind and the growing mistrust for the police in all communities following the Sarah Everald case, my question is who and what does this address and who does it aim to support?

  • 300,000 new shared ownership homes

At a time where unemployment is at an all time high, the capital city has had it’s nightclubs, restaurants and tourist attractions shut for over a year, and affordable housing is being knocked down to build modern homes, is this the time for shared ownership schemes? 

Sadiq said if Shaun Bailey was elected he would be “in the pocket of the government” and we definitely think he is right there.

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